MagicPicker panel for Photoshop drops Flash, goes HTML

Anastasiy Safari’s invaluable color-picking panel has long been among the most popular Photoshop panel extensions, so I’m delighted that he’s ported it to HTML to enable use inside Photoshop CC 2014 & beyond.

4 thoughts on “MagicPicker panel for Photoshop drops Flash, goes HTML

  1. I see it’s still not fully ported though….color scheming is missing! while there is no color schemes I’m not updating

  2. Using this plug-in for years! Seen how it made the way from a simple color wheel to the fully packed professional tool with lotsa features. Now can’t live without it and the color mixing plug-in from the same guys. Great news! Thought I’d switch to 2014 from CS6 when I get back from the vacation.
    I’m surprised they now use HTML in Adobe.

  3. I see they now support Adobe’s Illustrator! updating to CC and updating MagicPicker!

    Agree that it’s the greatest addition to the Suite. Using MagicPicker since version 1.0 (1.1?) and never been disappointed. Truly saying it’s now essential part of my workflow! Anastasiy has the fastest support on Earth (and yeah I’m a fan). Hope he updates font plugin too it’s so old!

  4. mmike:
    The color schemes are on the way, thanks for the request!

    Guys, thanks a lot for the good words! Working hard to bring more features and switch all the panels to CC 2014. Please stay tuned!

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