Linus Torvalds: “The Real Star Is Google Photos”

The father of Linux commenting on one of my product areas:

So Google Photos seems to want to make odd videos of the random movie clips I uploaded from last week.

And apparently, with dramatic music, some color tinting, and by making the cuts be frequent enough, you can make even my blurry fish butt videos entertaining.

There is a shark in there. And Daniela, who got certified last year and did very well as a dive buddy. But the real star is definitely Google Photos.

Dramatic fish butt FTW!

[Via Steven Johnson]

One thought on “Linus Torvalds: “The Real Star Is Google Photos”

  1. Yup, really enjoying the new Google Photos and the auto-collections stuff.

    John, here are 3 things I hope for in a future release:

    1) CHROMECAST SUPPORT: Seems obvious. Not sure why this wasn’t part of the initial release.

    2) BETTER ORGANIZATION TOOLS: I have photos that were scanned — or taken by a camera with crappy (or no) metadata. And so they’re out of order in Google Photos. I’d like an easy way to fix this across one or more photos. That includes adding location when/where geolocation wasn’t available.

    3) OVERLAYS: to indicate whether a photo is part of a collection. This would be really helpful.

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