Drawing app Mischief adds pins for navigation

I’ve long admired the fast, highly zoomable drawing app Mischief, and their latest addition seems like a smart way to wrangle one of its best features (namely the nearly infinite canvas):

The addition of ‘Pins’ allows easy navigation of the infinite canvas, with the ability to drop pinpoints of interest, creating an index of sketches and visualizations. Managed by a Pins panel, creatives can journey sequentially, jump around between pins, or zoom out at any time to see the full picture, transforming the canvas into an ideas map. Mischief provides a fluid, compelling and creative way to look at art, concepts or stories.


One thought on “Drawing app Mischief adds pins for navigation

  1. I originally purchased Mischief 2.0
    I notice there was a new version by way of a patch
    I downloaded it to get, I’m guessing, these pins that I can drop to get to areas faster
    I don’t see them or know how to get them
    The new download says that I am running Mischief 2.1.1
    Thank You

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