Craft design plug-in for Photoshop & Sketch looks amazing

This free plug-in set appears to fulfill many of the hopes I had when pushing hard to enable panel extensibility in Photoshop (succeeded) and to enable intelligent on-canvas artwork (failed). Check it out:

  • Craft is 100% free.
  • It includes 3 masterful plugins with interfaces inside Sketch or Photoshop, a first-of-its-kind tool.
  • Craft automatically pulls live data, text, and images from real sources (like websites or file drives) in real time. No uploading, downloading, copy and pasting, alt+tab-ing.
  • Craft helps designers solve the challenges of working on dynamic products in static formats, like Photoshop, by pulling in real contextual information.


2 thoughts on “Craft design plug-in for Photoshop & Sketch looks amazing

  1. Sorta looks like stuff that Project Comet will be doing out of the box? They showed the dynamic data piece at MAX back in October. However, Craft appears to be shipping *now* 🙂

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