MixColors Photoshop panel gets upgraded

I’ve long appreciated & admired developer Anastasiy Safari’s efforts to help artists by improving Photoshop’s color-selecting & -mixing tools. The latest update of his MixColors panel is compatible with the latest Photoshop updates & promises a variety of enhancements:

  • Color groups: the most simple and intuitive color group management with drag’n’drop support
  • Sync colors and color groups with the Cloud: safe 256-bit encryption on the server side!
  • Color mixing improved: next-gen color mixing formula for faster and more accurate results


2 thoughts on “MixColors Photoshop panel gets upgraded

  1. New panel for the Photoshop! It’d be really good to have it along with MagicPicker from the same guys… I wonder how the color groups work though. And does it work in Illustrator?

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