Google Photos: You can now edit time zone info on the Web

Let me guess: Like me, you seldom remember to adjust your DSLR’s internal clock while traveling, resulting in lots of shots that don’t align with what you capture via your phone. Good news: You can now select an image on, click the date, and then change the time zone. Here’s a screenshot:


And yes, before you ask, it would be nice to do this on multiple images at once. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Google Photos: You can now edit time zone info on the Web

  1. John, you beat me to the comment! Not only would it be nice to be able to do this on multiple images at once for time zone, but also for general date/time as well as for GPS location.

    Batch processing features for Q2 2016? Across ALL platforms – not just iOS? But first, non-destructive editing on Android. 😉

  2. I agree about the general time/date modification, and across multiple images together. I don’t usually worry too much if my time zone is off, or even if my camera’s clock is off a few hours for some reason. But looking back at my imported pictures, many times I edited an image in Photoshop months or years after taking the picture, so the edited version will show up much later than the originals in the timeline. (Not sure why the metadata doesn’t travel with it, but that’s a different gripe.)

    In that kind of case, it would even be nicer to have Google Photos be able to automatically detect that the edited image is really similar to this other group of images taken on a different date, and either auto-adjust the date/time, or if not sure, ask if it should adjust to match the group of images.

  3. You know what I would love? Being able to specify inexact dates. For example, for all my old scanned photos, I know, at best, the year, and then I reluctantly set them to 1 January.

    Flickr allows you to set the year to “Circa” or “Sometime in…”

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