Google Photos introduces concept movies

 “POV: Preserve, Organize, Visualize”—that’s always been my mnemonic for Google Photos: your intelligent assistant should keep everything safe, help you navigate it through intelligent auto-organization, and then make it delightful to see & share the results.

Things are taking a big step forward with the introduction of concept movies:

Google Photos has always made movies for you using your recently uploaded photos. Now we’re going further, with new movies that are based on creative concepts — the kinds of movies you might make yourself, if you just had the time. And they’re not only limited to your most recent uploads. One of the first concepts is designed to show your child growing up right before your eyes.

Here’s a little capsule of my son Henry, made with zero work from me:

My fam has been loving these. When I sent her the Henry video, my wife said,

Oh my God, honestly? I’m all smiles. It’s so cute!!! The music is really perfect and the timing of shots against the music is also great. I’m feeling all mushy now.

And this is just the beginning:

We’re rolling out a couple more concepts this week, with more coming soon. Look out for a concept to commemorate the good times from this summer, and another one for formal events like weddings. And you don’t need to do a thing — these movies get made automatically for you.

As always, your feedback is most appreciated!



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