Photo zoom returns to Google+

I’m pleased to say that by very popular demand, you can now really enjoy the details of high-resolution images shared on Google+ by zooming in via your Web browser. This feature—previously available only via the classic Web experience—is now part of the new G+.

With large images (e.g. try these) you can start zooming in by:

  • Clicking the zoom button
  • Tapping the ‘Z’ key
  • Using your mouse wheel (or two-finger drag)
  • Double clicking on the photo
  • Pinching on the photo (via touchscreen/touchpad)

Once the image is zoomed in, you can:

  • Use ‘+’ key and ‘-‘ keys (plus without shift) to zoom in/out incrementally
  • Use arrow keys to pan around the zoomed image

Enjoy—and “Enhance!”

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