Snapseed gets refreshed with presets, reorganized tools, and perspective

More power & speed for the millions of people who use Snapseed every day:

We’re excited to announce that Snapseed 2.18 has started rolling out today to users on Android and iOS. This update includes a fresh new UI, designed for faster editing with more efficient access to your favorite features.

You’ll find Looks are now available from the main screen, making it easier than ever to apply your customized filters to your photos. Looks are a powerful way to save your favorite combinations of edits and apply them to multiple images. We’ve added 11 beautiful new presets (handcrafted by the Snapseed team) to help you get started – give them a try!

We’re also bringing the Perspective tool to iOS to allow you to easily adjust skewed lines and perfect the geometry of horizons or buildings.



4 thoughts on “Snapseed gets refreshed with presets, reorganized tools, and perspective

  1. This Snapseed update is shockingly good.

    BUT it also introduces a serious bug by blowing away your EXIF data on save, especially the timestamp of the image file. I sure hope this is considered a high priority bug. (Android)

      1. Sven. I can no longer reproduce, but it was there. I can only speculate that they repaired the files post-edit in Google Photos. The first day the timestamp was disappearing. I saw this in Adobe Bridge. I failed to notice if GPS was blown away. The next morning I noticed that, upon saving a file in Snapseed (Android), the Info in Google Photos was again showing the edit timestamp, but then 5 or so seconds later it was showing the correct timestamp. Later that day I did a test with files uploaded from my computer. I edited the files and saw that the EXIF was roundtripping, the timestamps were correct, but the GPS was gone. And it appeared as though some, but not all, photos edited in Snapseed were showing their location in Google Photos. The day after that everything seems fine. Why I suspect they did the fix in Google Photos is because I didn’t notice Snapseed getting updated, but maybe I missed it.

  2. I can no longer find the function which lets me save a new look. Where is it hidden now? I really agree with those who dislike the light background. The dark one was much better! There is a reason for photographers preferring to work on a dark background.

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