A speech I think you should hear

Honestly I have no appetite to post my usual stream of banal distractions. With the ever-present sound of helicopters circling in the near distance, it all seems so small. I know that’ll change, but not right now.

Right now I found a lot to ponder & admire in this speech from Atlanta rapper Killer Mike. I think it’d be well worth your time to consider as well.

One thought on “A speech I think you should hear

  1. Thank you; I hadn’t seen that and it’s very powerful. I only hope that Atlanta and the rest of America listens and understands. I also hope that people like you, people in my extended “family”—of sorts—colleagues mostly—stay safe and remain healthy. Let us hope that America comes to its senses so that we can, somehow, rid America (!) of the fascism and white supremacy (which is becoming an oxymoron more than anything) that permeates our culture and that we embrace, encourage, and leverage our diversity to improve the lives of our children and grandchildren. Thanks John; be well.

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