ArtStation, Kickstarter, and others share their AI art policies

The whole community of creators, including toolmakers, continues to feel its way forward in the fast-moving world of AI-enabled image generation. For reference, here are some of the statements I’ve been seeing:

  • ArtStation has posted guidance on “Use of AI Software on ArtStation.”
    • Projects tagged using “NoAI” will automatically be assigned an HTML “NoAI” meta tag.
    • Projects won’t be assigned this tag automatically, as the site wants creators to choose whether or not their work is eligible for use in training.
  • Kickstarter has shared “Our Current Thinking on the Use of AI-Generated Image Software and AI Art.
    • “Kickstarter must, and will always be, on the side of creative work and the humans behind that work. We’re here to help creative work thrive.”
    • Key questions they’ll ask include “Is a project copying or mimicking an artist’s work?” and “Does a project exploit a particular community or put anyone at risk of harm?”
  • From 3dtotal Publishing:
    • “3dtotal has four fundamental goals. One of them is to support and help the artistic community, so we cannot support AI art tools as we feel they hurt this community.”
  • Clip Studio Paint will no longer implement an image generator function:
    • “We received a lot of feedback from the community and will no longer implement the image generator palette.”
    • They “fear that this will make Clip Studio Paint artwork synonymous with AI-generated work” and are choosing to prioritize other features.
  • The Society of Illustrators has shared their thoughts:
    • “We oppose the commercial use of Artificially manufactured images and will not allow AI into our annual competitions at all levels.”
    • “AI was trained using copyrighted images. We will oppose any attempts to weaken copyright protections, as that is the cornerstone of the illustration community.”

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