Stop motion & SLRs

Editors Guild Magazine features an interesting article about the new movie “Corpse Bride” being shot with a digital SLR, the Canon EOS-1D Mark II. “[P]erhaps most significantly, it’s the first movie to choose digital cameras over film cameras based on the criterion of image quality.” [link via Rob Galbraith DPI]
This reminds me of the much lower budget but also clever “Between You and Me”, shot entirely with a Canon 20D. Dig the creative misuse of shiny technology.
[Update: On a related note, check out the stop motion used in the video for Sia’s haunting “Breathe.” A similar technique was used for Sam Bisbee’s “You Are Here.” [links via]]

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  1. Hey John,
    Interesting post. I like the related links.
    It’s interesting to see what artists will do when the cost of materials and equipment is reduced to a limited budget.

  2. Hey John, u have a very interesting blog, so do u know where can i find or do u have some material about de production of stop-motion videos like these ??

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