The elevator supports Undo!

Okay, you know you’re spending too much time at work, or on computers, or both when you get excited about something like this. I discovered this morning that the elevators in the new Adobe tower support undo. That is, if you’ve pressed a floor button by mistake, you can press it again to deselect the floor. Who knew? This reminds me of Photoshop quality engineer Pete du Fosse realizing that he was working too much when he found himself holding a hand over his microwave’s keypad, getting frustrated when no tool tip appeared.
[This is probably also the time when my bosses question the value of letting me blog on work hours. ;-)]

0 thoughts on “The elevator supports Undo!

  1. yeah, i noticed that adobe is all excited about undo lately.
    i mean, even framemaker supports undo nowadays (press release: here).
    sure it is 2005, but, hey, better late than never…

  2. Yeah – still waiting for that tooltip… Gotta work on some performance enhancements (coffee) and a new UI (haircut)…

  3. Having undo in an elevator is a bit like having a publicly accessible undo on your blog. I can only assume the intention of the technology is to have the user fix their own mistakes, but I can see simply undoing all the floors except the one you need in a crowded elevator. Everyone would suspect it was you of course, but if it didnt require a login or security badge…

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