Yugo // Jello

I should no doubt preface this bit with the “[OT]” disclaimer, but as there’s a design/photography angle, let’s pretend it’s all germane to this blog.

  • The absurdly talented Yugo Nakamura has produced Honda Sweet Mission, “a kind of enhanced podcasting site.” Yugo writes, “We made an experimental interface system for a program broadcast by
    TokyoFM. Posted MP3 data is analyzed in the server and its volume history is visualized to Avatar motion. I’m sorry that all language is Japanese, you will not able to know what they
    are speaking.” No, but it sure looks cool, and the groovy pixel-globe is another idea on burrowing through a large set of images.

  • Liz Hickock sculpts San Francisco out of Jello. Yes. (Take that, Richard Dreyfuss ;-)) Stunning.

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