New podcasts: Photoshop Killer Tips, InDesign Secrets

In a bit of synchronicity, two Adobe-related podcasters just announced their new offerings:

  • The NAPP‘s Matt Kloskowski has introduced Photoshop Killer Tips (Web/iTunes), described by its creator as “short and sweet–just a quick 60-90 second video tip each day (Monday through Friday).” It’s been running (‘casting?) for three weeks, so the site already features a number of tips.
  • InDesign Secrets (Web/iTunes) is a new resource from authors David Blatner and Anne-Marie Concepción, covering all aspects of page layout and production in Adobe InDesign.

These new programs join the growing ranks of design-oriented podcasts, alongside The Russell Brown Show (Web/iTunes), Photoshop TV (Web/iTunes), Attention Photoshoppers (Web/iTunes), and more. If you’ve found related podcasts useful, feel free to pass along their info via the comments.

0 thoughts on “New podcasts: Photoshop Killer Tips, InDesign Secrets

  1. I can thoroughly recommend the InDesign Secrets webcast. Anne-Marie manages to be both informative and entertaining, rather than making the whole thing sound like a lecture.
    I’ve already tried out some of her tips on our production work, and they’ve saved us a whole heap of time.
    David is also very good.

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