MoOM & more

  • If you’re looking for a visually rich way to fritter away your time on this planet, you could do worse than visiting Coudal Partners’ MoOM, the Museum of Online Museums. Where else can you find links to Bosch’s hellscapes, the history of movie titles, and the graphical history of sweet, delicious meat?
  • Like drawing on a Wacom Cintiq, but don’t want to balance a huge LCD on your lap? How about using it together with this crazy harness-thing? [Via]
  • It’s not of earth-shaking significance, but I thought it was interesting (and kind of charming) to see how random Austrian people draw logos from memory. [Via] I wonder how folks would do with the Adobe logo. It’s not that much of a household item, though it did make an appearance in the Adbusters flag.
  • Motion graphics house Shadowplay Studios has posted a great title sequence from the new movie Thank You For Smoking. [Via] (For more great motion graphics work, check out Justin Cone’s Tween blog & huge set of links.)
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