Goofing on trendy logos, bad authors, & photobloggers

Life’s not much fun if you can’t laugh at yourself a bit. (Heck, I used to call LiveMotion Crouching Vector, Hidden Bitmap.) In that vein…

  • The crowd at Yay Hooray has fun reinterpreting famous logos according to the lickably gradiated, bloopy “Web 2.0 look“. (And they remember to drp some vowls while they’re at it.) [Via] [Update: Hah–even Adobe couldn’t escape.]
  • Night of the Living Photoshop Books: Tongue firmly in cheek, Mike Johnston takes aim at some of the less-than-excellent titles out there (e.g. “How To Create Totally Alarming and Incredibly Tasteless Pastiche Monstrosities Using Photoshop”). Later he lists some titles he actually does recommend.
  • Same dude, different screed: Mike eviscerates know-nothing photoblog commentators in this wicked parody.

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