Lightroom Podcast #13: Derrick Story

In episode 13, Derrick sums up what the group learned on the Adobe Lightroom Iceland Adventure project. George J. writes,

Derrick talks about the thinking behind the Iceland Adventure project, and the idea of “total immersion” for a group of very talented professional photographers. The project provided total immersion not only in the photo-rich environment of Iceland, but also in the Lightroom experience, and we discuss how that experience would work for both the book and for the beta development effort.
Derrick points to some of the specific features in Lightroom that he found invaluable during the trip, as well as talking about some of the areas where the program needs improvement. We wrap it up with some detail on how the experience would feed back into the development effort and ultimately help make Lightroom a better product for photographers.

The podcast is available as an MP3 file via George’s iDisk (under “0809 Podcast”). It’s also available via the Lightroom podcasts RSS feed, and by searching for “Lightroom” in iTunes.

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