Contribute rocks for blogging

I know I’m not an unbiased source, given that I work for Adobe, but I have to take a second to plug the new Contribute 4, released earlier this month.  Until now I’d never used any flavor of Contribute, though having been a Web designer I’ve always liked the idea of a tool that let clients do their own updates/grunt work.  I grabbed the release build of v4.0 ("C4"? Hmm–too explosive) on the weekend and, after taking a couple of days to switch gears, have been on a tear with it ever since.  Being able to compose blog entries offline in a WYSIWYG editor, then publish them in one click, just crushes my previous approach (typing raw text in a Movable Type interface).

By the way, on a blogging-related note, Adobe’s acquisition of Serious Magic brings with it Vlog It!, an app designed to make video blogging similarly easy.  The built-in Teleprompter & green-screen capabilities sound particularly sweet. I don’t have any inside info on Adobe’s plans here, but a combo of MacBook Pro + built-in iSight cam + some green construction paper mean you may be seeing more of me here soon.  (Wait, don’t unsubscribe that feed already…!)

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  1. I like the Contribute idea… so does it integrate with MT and other bloggins systems (I uses blogCFC)?
    I agree that typing into a textfield is a pain, I use Dreamweaver right now but I still need to cut and paste when done…
    [Yes indeed–Contribute integrates nicely with MT and other systems. I’ll try to dig up or point you to a list. –J.]

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