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  1. The Adobe Studio Exchange used to be a fantastic resource, I downloaded and used so many great styles, brushes, swatches, gradients and actions from there.
    Since the redesign and move to a Flash interface it’s completely unusable, all the functionality of the old site has either been removed or made impenetrable by the Flash navigation.
    I just don’t understand why it’s crammed into such a tiny window when most designers are going to be using 19″ or larger screens. It doesn’t make any sense to me. You used to be able to display your search results in a list as long as your screen would allow, now you’re confined to this tiny Flash window which is just horrible to use. And so s-l-o-w.
    There are so many other things wrong with the presentation of the Adobe Studio Exchange now that it just makes my piss boil thinking about it. Adobe have robbed us of a truly great resource, and what for? Just to demo that they now own Flash and are going to use it even when it’s wholly inappropriate.
    Probably the worst redesign that it’s ever been my misfortune to use. Whoever designed and approved it was obviously never a contributor or user of the Exchange. I know Adobe will never change it back, I just hope that a resource of equal quality and usefulness will be along to replace it.
    [Actually, the Exchange team *is* listening intently to feedback from inside and outside of the company about usability of the current system. I don’t have an ETA for changes, but the ball appears to be rolling. –J.]

  2. Thanks for posting my comment without editing it, and for your reply.
    If the Exchange team are indeed listening, then I’m here, down on my knees, just begging them to drop the Flash and revert back to a straight-up HTML style page.
    It was great before, a bit slow but I presume that was due to bandwidth constraints on something that’s not a premium service, but that’s understandable. The content was so good that you don’t mind waiting.
    Ideally I’d like to see the Exchange in a format like, something that’s very visual, clean and super easy to navigate and browse. Give us large thumbnails when you roll over items, plenty of ordering options for the presentation of your results, a download basket, project folders, you know the kind of thing.
    I appreciate that this takes a lot of work and I am grateful to Adobe for providing the resource even in its current format, but honestly I could’ve wept when I saw the redesign. When I had to log-in after the relaunch it felt like walking in treacle, even tabbing through the text fields was agonisingly slow and clunky.
    I love what you do, Adobe, without your applications I’d probably be working in a bar or something [Me too 🙂 –J.], but please give the Exchange some love and make it the number one Photoshop resource again. I’d even beta test it gratis for you.

  3. I really love the way the brush tool in flash behaves. However, I don’t wanna scan images into flash simply for the line art before coloring them in photoshop. How do I (if there is a way) set the brush in photoshop to get the same smoothing behavior?

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