Tipping cows, Bending Light, & more

  • Postcard Polaroid features, well, just that–a blog-ful of Polaroid snaps sent in by readers, often with little magic marker witticisms.
  • In a related vein, Photojojo has a cool idea (and tutorial) for turning a single photo into a large mailable mosaic.  And in their Awesomeness section (heh), they sell The Mailable Photo Frame, a self-contained 4"x6" sleeve with its own stand.
  • If that’s up your alley, you might like MOO’s Flickr MiniCards–an easy way to print tiny, sharable copies of your images.
  • Through Joe Lencioni’s excellent Shifting Pixel, I found Bending Light Magazine, home to numerous lovely Flash galleries like this one. I especially liked these discoveries. (“I’ve got a fever… and the only prescription… is more cowball.”)
  • I escaped rural Illinois without ever having tipped a cow, though I was chased by a few. Too bad I didn’t think to shoot them (with a camera, of course).  Rachel Sudlow did; Cowscapes is the result.
  • Borut Peterlin does some cool portraiture.

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