Do not taunt Happy Photoshop Icon…

Alan Becker, creator of the rather brilliant Animator vs. Animation (a Flash user vs. his creation) has returned with The Sequel, and it rocks harder than before.  Even the Photoshop icon gets involved, using its laser vision! [Via Maria Brenny]

Haven’t procrastinated enough yet?  Well then, here are some more video bits I’ve enjoyed recently:

  • Fail Harder.  They write, "Wieden + Kennedy 12, an experimental advertising school run by Portland ad agency W+K, is responsible for buying out all available clear push pins on the west coast of the US. Over 100,000 thumbtacks were used over 351 hours to create a wall mural that spells out Fail Harder, a message that underlines the importance of failure during the creative process."
  • Oliver Laric, creator of the "787 clip arts" vid, has re-emerged with "Aircondition," a crazy little video of… well, you tell me. (And just try forgetting that soundtrack.)
  • Pikapika is a "lightning doodle project" from Japan, using flashlights & stop motion to create groovy effects. Makes me think of Michel Gondry a bit, or of Picasso painting with light. [Via]

By the way, speaking of the Photoshop icon, I don’t know why you might need these, but earlier today someone requested copies of historical versions of the icon.  So, here you go.  (And for reference, here are the previous toolbars and splash screens.)

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