Like the Photoshop beta, but miss your cursors?

Photoshop customers seem pretty happy with the CS3 beta (88% satisfied, according to one independent survey), but being a beta, it contains some bugs. One that’s been especially annoying to Intel-based Mac users is the lack of cursors that match the size and shape of your painting tool.
The good news is that we have a fix for this problem, but timing is such that we won’t be able to post another public beta build. That said, we really want to make sure we get this right, so if you’d like to help us test it, we’d really welcome your assistance. More details on how to sign up to test a private build are here. Thanks in advance!

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  1. The most annoying thing about the CS3 beta is that downsizing using the bicubic interpolation algorithm looks awful. Right now it’s the biggest reason for me to keep CS2 installation.
    [Yeah, sorry about that one. We know it’s a drag. –J.]
    Seems it’s a known issue:
    including a fix for this in a private build would be so nice!
    [I believe the fix is included. –J.]
    More on the subject here:

  2. Is there any chance of making it easy to organize brushes and styles. Mine are all ways a mess.
    I think there should be a folder system from inside PS maybe even drag and drop.
    [Have you tried choosing Edit->Preset Manager? The tool lets you drag/drop/delete brushes, gradients, etc. I’d love to sell it as a new feature, but it’s been there since PS7. –J.]
    See when I create a client or border brush I cannot save it because I have my grunge brushes loaded, and I do not need a client brush saved in my grunge.ABR file. It is a lot of work for something so little. Please make this easier.
    I see a lot of people looking for third party software to organize their .abr, .csh, .asl. files
    Even a “move brush” button or “save to”

  3. Yeah, this is a major problem for me. Hope I get in. I have 14,000 photos to process from a recent trip to India! I’ll need brushes for some of them! Please, don’t make me use CS2! 😀

  4. Is it too late to register for the new CS3 Photoshop beta with the brush fix for the Intel Macs? I just went to the page and it showed an error. I am unable to use CS3 w/o the brushes right now, Rosetta is too slow. I really would like to use it more I especially found the printing and ACR much improved.

  5. While it hasn’t made me stop hoping for access to the private beta, I wanted to pass along a tip to my fellow mac users that has been helpful to me with the brush issue: Universal Access will allow you to make your mouse cursor larger, which while still not a perfect solution can help out if you’re working on an image and the cursor seems to be disappearing a lot (the problem seems to come and go for me).

  6. I’d like to get in on the private beta also. Is it too late to do so. I get the same error as noted by Eddie.
    [Thanks for your interest, Tim. Unfortunately we pretty quickly got all the extra hands we can manage, so we’re not accepting new folks into the testing program. –J.]

  7. your link to a private build to test the CS3 beta brush cursor fix will not come up.
    Any suggestions?
    [Yeah, sorry: I’m afraid we’re in the process of winding down the testing cycle, so we can’t take on any new folks right now. –J.]

  8. #n/a: Mac: brush size cursors are not displayed on Intel-based Macs
    1) Select the Photoshop application and choose Get Info
    2) Select “Open using Rosetta”
    3) Launch Photoshop

  9. THANK YOU David Leves! Not being able to use any of the brush tools was my #1 issue with CS3! It does take a few seconds longer to load, and will probably run a little bit slower, but it will still be faster than CS2! Thank you!

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