Fruity typographic goodness

In the wake of those great nautical posters, check out this collection of historic fruit crate art. It’s tough to name faves, though I really like Dynamo Apples and these double A’s & arrow.  I suppose Gay Johnny would resonate a little differently nowdays, though. [Via]

On an unrelated typographic note, if you’re having trouble identifying a font, you might find this Flickr group useful. [Via] Oh, and see also What The Font.  (Me, I just cheat and bug Tom Phinney ("I’ll trade you a Glyphs palette for six correct font ID’s…").)

0 thoughts on “Fruity typographic goodness

  1. John,
    Your resources rock. You strike me as a guy who doesn’t sleep.
    -mike smick
    KC MO
    [Heh heh–thanks, Mike. I did manage to make it to a ballgame yesterday (go Ucla) and now must somehow tie that to Photoshop. 😉 –J.]

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