Home movies, straight from your inkjet

Here’s one of the weirder applications of Photoshop (and Premiere): using the archaic Filmstrip file format (do we even still support that? apparently so) together with a desktop inkjet & box cutter, Jesse England was able to print his own Super 8 & 16 film. Madness! (The results remind me a little of the fetishization of the lo-fi PXL-2000.) [Via Gary Cohen]

Elsewhere in the world of because-we-can printing, the crew at Evil Mad Scientist has created a CNC (computer numerical control) toaster, good for burning one’s face onto bread.  (I wonder if Epson will start making archival-quality papadums.)  These guys link to a similar project at Olin College, this time using a laser to put Elvis onto white bread (goes great with PB, bacon, and banana, I’m told).  Oh, and you can use lasers to geek out your matza–guaranteed to repel any potential mate within 50m. [Via John Peterson]

[Mentioned previously: Your Name On Toast]

0 thoughts on “Home movies, straight from your inkjet

  1. Wow. Spock Matzo. Oy vey…Am I the only one relieved to see that was done to a cracker and NOT a new macbook pro?

  2. Don’t forget they’ve been printing on cakes for years now. So it was only a matter of time for bread to be next. Hands John some blackberry jam for his toasted portrait.

  3. Just out of curiosity, after you guys finished with the release and all that, is that what all of you have to do is make pirate movies and toast? Do they pay you for that? Just curious. Are there any openings?
    [That, and drink heavily. (Really. Well, not to excess, but Don Julio is a team amigo.) –J.]

  4. So that’s how they get the faces of the Virgin Mary and Jesus to show up on all those tortillas!
    Each tortilla factory must secretly have one of these machines, and every day they clandestinely print out a few “miracles” and stick ’em in random packages.
    And I always thought it was divine intervention…
    [I think I remember seeing that in “The Last Dragon,” my first PG-13 flick… –J.]

  5. 1. Jesse England has a lot of extra time on his hands….I am jealous.
    2. Was Spock Jewish?
    [Dunno about Spock, but Leonard Nimoy lights a Menorah. L’chaim & prosper. –J.]

  6. I like your blog, it’s always fun to come back and check what you have to tell us today.
    [Cool; thanks for checking it out & for the nice feedback. –J.]

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