Sunday in black & white

It’s been far too long since I’ve gotten to share some photographic finds.  So, without further ado, here’s great stuff in black & white:

  • The Apollo Prophecies sounds fascinating: "This installation features a continuous ten inch by thirty-six foot long black and white panoramic photograph depicting astronauts from the 1960’s traveling to the moon and back. While on the lunar surface they discover a lost Edwardian expedition that may or may not be real. It was shot and assembled on sets or on location with miniature models and live actors."  Here’s a video about its creation, followed by larger detail images.  The long-snouted astronauts have a Hieronymus Bosch quality.
  • Through photog Tim Mantoani (who’s doing a really interesting project I’ll mention soon), I learned of rock n’ sports vet Michael Zagaris. Sports Shooter is hosting a gallery of his work (love the Bill Walsh/Joe Montana shot), and more is available to see and purchase on Michael’s site.
  • Jonathan Greenwald sets his portfolios to music.  Dig the "Ordinary Life" set, well paired with Coldplay.
  • Herman Krieger’s Mall-aise captures suburban anomie with visual & verbal puns. [Via]  On a somewhat related note, Stephen Crowley captures isolation at a rural motel.
  • SUNY Buffalo hosts a rather haunting gallery of early 20th century images from the Arkansas State Prison. [Via]
  • On Flickr folks are re-creating vintage photos of London.  See also the site’s Then & Now photo pool. [Via]
  • Apparently, in child portraiture, it was once common for mothers to disguise themselves as chairs. [Via]

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