Stefan Sagmeister, Experience Design, & more in Design Center

The Adobe Design Center is back with a handful of updates:

New Dialog Box:

New Think Tank:

New Tutorials:

And as always, don’t forget to check out the Adobe links on  Content wrangler Jen deHaan reports, "
Currently we have 811 links, and 1749 ‘fans’ (people who have added us to their network, and watch our new bookmarks).
We receive about 4 links from the community every day."  Info on how to contribute links is here.  [Via]

3 thoughts on “Stefan Sagmeister, Experience Design, & more in Design Center

  1. Thanks for the information about Adobe Design Center… 🙂
    your blog is really good…
    and sorry if my english is wrong… i’m from Portugal…
    [Obrigado. And your English is better than my Portuguese, I promise. 😉 –J.]

  2. I just get the message:
    [an error occurred while processing this directive]
    when trying to view the Dialog Box article…
    [Hmm–it seems to be working now. –J.]

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