CS3 wallpapers available

Like your computer desktop, but wish it were a more insane chromatic freakout?  You’re in luck: a variety of CS3 wallpapers are available via Terry White’s Creative Suite podcast site.  Also available: closing eyes, mashing fists into eye sockets, enjoying the fireworks. đŸ˜‰
(FWIW, I dig the aesthetic; I just dig busting chops a little, too.)

0 thoughts on “CS3 wallpapers available

  1. hi , your blog is usefull for me, please write more about illustrator , convert vector to bimap problems . etc…
    thank u so much .
    [Okay–I’ll try to do so. Thanks for the feedback. –J.]

  2. Thanks for the link to the great wallpaper.
    I have been a using PhotoShop since PhotoShop 5. I think I am finally getting to the point where I actually have a handle on using the product. I now have Creative Suite 2, but haven’t had much time to delve into the other products.
    I subscribed to your blog after seeing your interview on the Scoble show. It is great to see people that are so passionate about their field working on a project.
    Keep up the great work.
    [Cool, thanks! Normally I can’t take a compliment, but as I’m handling customer service issues on a Sunday night while trying to comp up new UI ideas for Photoshop, I’ll accept “passionate.” đŸ˜‰ –J.]

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