Adobe+Google for Photoshop 3D

I’m pleased to report that Adobe has teamed up with Google on 3D, enabling Photoshop CS3 Extended to browse the Google 3D Warehouse, then download 3D models right into Photoshop.  The upshot is that Photoshop users now have direct access to a large & growing repository of free, community-driven 3D content. 

The plug-in and more info are available on Adobe Labs.  (Note: The team is working to fix a bug found in the Windows version at the last minute.  Therefore the Mac plug-in is up now, and the Windows version should be up tomorrow.)

0 thoughts on “Adobe+Google for Photoshop 3D

  1. Is this related to the Apollo /Gears project?
    I know that Google Gears is built to enable offline web applications, such as allowing access to Google Reader feeds offline, I was just wondering if this is part of the same project.
    [Nope; the timing is purely coincidental. (I didn’t hear of the Gears work until you did! –J.]

  2. John, when is Adobe going to fix the serious bug that everyone has known about since the release of CS3 which prevents prints from centering correctly on Epson pro series printers. It works fine in Qimage and CS2 but it was screwed up in CS3 which is very disappointing. Would appreciate some reply since Jeff Schewe is just saying Hey that is not a real problem! This is very disappointing to those of us who use Epson Pro printers like my 4000. – Gerry Davis
    [Gerry, I’m asking for more info on this subject. –J.]

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