Multitouch: $2 or $10,000?

The folks at Medallia claim to have devised a multitouch user input device using two dollars’ worth of dye and Ziploc bags.  Hmm–interesting clip, but doesn’t it seem they’ve pretty much mashed up a couple seconds of new footage (producing colored blobs) with chunks of other people’s demos (the chess demo from Tactiva, etc.)?  Beyond the technology, I’m struck by the number of comments below the video that boil down to "hah hah u pwned those fat-cats lolz!!"  Man are there some credulous people in the world. [Via Tom Attix]

Speaking of pwning Microsoft, however, this parody of the recently-announced, $10,000-a-pop Surface project is pretty damn funny.  I can’t wait to get tanked with my friends, using a device the size of a small car. [Via]

0 thoughts on “Multitouch: $2 or $10,000?

  1. $2 for a plastic bag and ink ? This guy is ripping you off, I can get it for 0.50 cents. : )
    Seriously though, very nice if it works. However, until we see the driver for that, it vaporware.
    […or squish-ware, maybe. –J.]

  2. Um, wait, he used an iSight camera too, which I paid $135 for in 2003.
    So it’s $137.00 Multi-touch devie. MUCH closer to $10,000 no? 😀

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