Let there be light (emitting diodes)

  • The latest Diesel runway show features holographic fashion critters cavorting with self-serious models. [Via]  Seems like it would go well with this video dress. [Via]
  • The LEDs of the Nocturne installation use less energy than a domestic dishwasher, yet they light the length of the Queen Elizabeth II Metro Bridge with 16.5 million colours; makes me think the Adobe HQ-mounted San José Semaphore could stand a splash of chroma.
  • United Visual Artists use LEDs to create some really impressive displays at concerts and elsewhere.
  • Lichtfaktor paints with light, in the spirit of Picasso.  Click through for some witty, beautiful stuff. [Via]  It inspires me to fool around with Photoshop’s new paint-on-video features, combined with the various Lighten/Dodge/Add blend modes.  On a related note, see previous: Pikapika lightning doodle project; Graffiti Research Labs’ giant laser.
  • Tripping the light envelope: Japanese artist Kohei Nawa’s PixCell deer is festooned with glass beads, giving it a second skin.  More objects in the series are here.
  • Frank Buchwald has designed a pretty foxy lamp (with kind of a wormy-Matrix-sentinel-thing happening). [Via]
  • rAndom international’s light printing machine crawls the wall, leaving an impermanent trace.
  • CNET says that paper-thin LEDs are coming soon, opening all kinds of new possibilities.

0 thoughts on “Let there be light (emitting diodes)

  1. The Diesel fashion show is amazing.
    You are an endless source of cool links of all kinds of great art that I would have never thought of.
    [I wouldn’t thought of it either, which is part of why I find this stuff inspiring. Now that I’m in a different line of work than design, I can table my natural competitive/inferiority thing and just enjoy others’ creations. –J.]

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