New Dr. Brown scripts for Photoshop

Adobe’s resident character-in-chief Russell Brown has unveiled a new revision to his popular set of image-processing scripts for Photoshop.  Downloadable from his site (installers for Mac, Win), these latest scripts buff up an already robust set of tools.  Numerous enhancements to the Image Processor that ships with CS3 are visible in the 1-2-3 Process tutorial movie.  In the Stack-A-Matic movie you can see an automated way to blend images using stack modes, as well as useful keyboard shortcuts installed by the script.  The core functions run in both Photoshop and Photoshop Extended, while the stack- and time-based functions work only with Extended.  The scripts are free for download.

0 thoughts on “New Dr. Brown scripts for Photoshop

  1. Thank you, Dr. Brown!
    You add a wonderful sense of humor to learning such a complicated program, as well as useful tools for expanding our ability to work in the program.
    Thanks, Dr. Brown!
    [:-) I’ll pass that along. –J.]

  2. where i can download the scripts??
    can you give me a link of the web page to download?
    well, thanks a lot,
    Å/-=[ υяι ]=-/Å

  3. hey Man! you should come to Jamaica. and make us all good photoshop technicians. thanks for been so thorough.

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