This font goes to 10,116pt.

  • The designers at Pentagram talk about how they created a giant NY Times logo (10,116-point Fraktur) for the publisher’s new headquarters.  Interestingly, each letter is comprised of numerous small, three-dimensional “beaks” that enhance the sign’s visibility from the street.  [Via]
  • How about lettering via “military-like technology for criminal mischief”?  We Make Money Not Art hosts an interview with the Institute for Applied Autonomy.  Their Streetwriter is a giant printer disguised as a cargo van, while GraffitiWriter offers radio-controlled pranking:

    “Studies have shown that in nearly 100% of the cases, a given agent of the public will willing participate in high profile acts of vandalism, given the opportunity to do so via mediated tele-robotic technology.”

  • From the Ministry of Silly Type Tricks: Flip text using Unicode. [Via]
  • Graffiti artist “Eine” has painted a set of very cool East End Shopfront Letters. They can be assembled into words via this little app. [Via]

[Update: In response to Ramón Castañeda’s comment below, Thomas Phinney replies, "Ramón is right. Fraktur typefaces usually have a forked top to the ascenders (h, k, etc.), more curves in the lowercase (less rigidly hexagonal shapes than Textura), and all (not just some) of the caps will have curvy or squiggly shapes replacing vertical lines.  This page even shows the NYT logo among the Textura samples, an unexpected bonus).  Not that I think this is a big deal, by the way. If the worst typographic errors we have to worry about were people confusing different styles of blackletter, we’d be in pretty good shape. :)"]


0 thoughts on “This font goes to 10,116pt.

  1. Re: “ giant NY Times logo (10,116-point Fraktur)”
    Fraktur??? Are you 100% sure? I’d think you’d better check with Thomas Phinney. That blackface lettering does not seem to be a Fraktur face but a “Textur” typeface.
    Typically, Fraktur faces are expected to have a broken bow on the left side, but not on the right side.
    Just wondering…
    [You’re on; I’ve pinged him and am awaiting a reply. –J.]

  2. I love GraffitiWriter’s slogan….I can’t repeat it though. Check it out.
    [Heh–yeah, I thought about calling that out, but I figured I’d let folks discover it on their own. 😉 –J.]

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