Good training for scripting Photoshop

At Photoshop World on Friday, Jeff Tranberry & Tom Ruark from Photoshop engineering presented a very popular four-hour session on scripting Photoshop.  Despite having printed out 150 copies of their training hand-outs, they found that the pile disappeared very quickly.  A number of attendees asked me for info on where they could find the materials, so I’m pleased to report that Jeff has posted them on his Web site.  The info (freely downloadable by anyone) ranges from basic to more advanced & includes a number of sample scripts.

Jeff notes that people can ask questions via his feedback form.  For additional resources, he points out Deke McClelland’s Photoshop CS2 Actions and Automation title (6.5 hours of video training from and Chandler McWilliams’s Adobe Scripting title.

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