Free new presets for Camera Raw

I’m delighted to see that author Jack Davis & the folks at onOne Software have teamed up to release more than 100 presets designed to work in Adobe Camera Raw. Available previously for Lightroom, the set of presets has been expanded and refined for Camera Raw.  According to the site,

PhotoPresets with One-Click WOW! tackle only one development parameter at a time allowing you to optimize your image at each step to create the look you really want without sacrificing any one quality. You start with adjusting your images color and tone and then add effects like black and white conversions, tinting, split-toning and vignetting.

Scroll to the bottom of the page for video training, or just download the presets’ installer and start going to town. [Via]

0 thoughts on “Free new presets for Camera Raw

  1. Thanks for pointing to those free new presets for Camera Raw. I great help for me!
    However I am indeed surprised that onOne Software give it away for free.
    Quite some intellectual content in those presets

  2. Thanks for the link. I tried these presets and found their results markedly inferior to the results I achieve by working the sliders myself and curves myself. To be fair, the authors of the presets are careful to say these should be treated as starting points. I hope users will heed that advice and not be frightened away from the hands-on use of the controls in ACR 4.1, which is very user-friendly and powerful.
    [Diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks, I suppose. It may be helpful for people to apply a preset that achieves a certain effect, then look at the combination of slider changes that produce the effect. –J.]

  3. I tried the link to get the 100 presets and it just took me to a blank page.. i would love it get these so any help would be awesome!!
    [I’ll let the onOne guys know. Thanks for the heads-up. –J.]

  4. I installed the ACR presets.I subscribe to Rob, they are a very quick way to get a starting point for wow pictures.
    I appreciate your sharing .Saves a lot of time trying to create our own.

  5. I received a security risk notification from my Norton 360 software when trying to install PhotoFrame 4.5.2. Why?

  6. These presets (although free) aren’t very useful. Perhaps, it’s just my personal opinion, but I didn’t find them useful. Thanks anyway.

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