Photoshop comes to the iPhone (!?)

Hmm, let’s see: start with one high-res newfangled multi-touch display; add a powerful graphics processor; and throw in built-in telephony.  The result: handheld iPhonetoshop?

Er, maybe not yet, but Scott Kelby & co. had fun making a 2-minute spoof that played during the keynote address at Photoshop World.  You can see the very funny results in Terry White’s latest Creative Suite Podcast (direct link to video; “Photoshop CS3 for iPhone” starts at 3:10).  [Update: Here’s just the spoof itself–easier to see and hear, though you can’t hear the crowd reaction.]  And hey, maybe OnStar-style Photoshop support (“Would you like me to unlock that background layer for you?”) could have some legs. 🙂

Other demos captured in the podcast include the Flash/Flex-powered Photoshop Express (starting around 16:10), 3D hook-ups from Daz3D (23:45) and Strata (29:10), as well as an example of Photoshop Extended turning flat medical imaging data into a translucent floating 3D skull (37:40).

PS–If the Flash Player ran on the iPhone, might we see Photoshop Express running there as well?  Hmm–it’s an interesting prospect, anyway.

0 thoughts on “Photoshop comes to the iPhone (!?)

  1. You laugh, but there would be real value to it:
    A cell phone photo fixer type of app, hosted for maximum horse power, coupled with a storing service or working in conjunction with the Picasa’s Flickr’s of the world. Yes, I can see that! Photoshop OnTheGo…
    [Totally. –J.]

  2. It’s funny because it’s true
    Homer J. Simpson
    Very funny indeed. too bad the audio is not that great. By the way, does anyone know what’s that theme in Firefox ? It looks great.

  3. In the video there’s mention of a new Photoshop logo and tagline. But not hearing much about this anywhere else yet. Wondering if we could learn more about how this came to be, the story behind it?
    [Thanks for the reminder, Jennifer. I’ve been lagging on this one and need to get it in gear. I’ll try to post something later today. –J.]

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