Sweet Flash-Flickr-Illustrator mash-up

The effervescent Dr. Woohoo (known to some as Drew Trujillo) has created a nifty integration of Flickr & Illustrator, combined by way of a Flash panel (palette).  You can now search Flickr from within Illustrator CS3, then turn photos into color swatches.  The project can also search Drew’s In The Mod color analytics project, and it enables sorting swatches by hue, saturation, or brightness.  He writes,

[The script] will launch a popup panel and loads the SWF file. Enter a tag to search and retrieve images from Flickr. Select the thumbnail image you would view the color palettes for by clicking on the thumbnail icon. The scroll pane will slide over to make room for the visualization view. If you like the colors and want to add them to your AI Swatches Panel, click on the AI icon in the lower right corner. That’s it!

Check out Drew’s blog post to see a video of the mash-up in action. It’s yet another cool, useful example of what can happen by leveraging the Flash Platform within desktop tools.

For Dr. Woohoo tools or moving keyframe data from Flash to After Effects & vice versa, see previous.  You might also like the way he’s mashed up Photoshop+MATLAB.

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