Hipsters, gangstas, & unacceptable haircuts

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    • Artist Andrew Kuo spent the summer hitting as many NY concerts as possible, and he “obsessively charted the entire experience, from reviewing the bands to counting the number of porta-potties.” Check out the results.  See also the brief accompanying article.  Many more infographics live on his blog.
    • Protec’ ya neck: Chris Sims lets us peer into the rigorous science of gangsta rap. [Via]
    • This Australian dating ad uses infographics to make its pitch.  (Only 11% of suitors have “unacceptable haircuts”?  They must not be counting the vast number of Aussie dudes with fauxhawks.)

0 thoughts on “Hipsters, gangstas, & unacceptable haircuts

  1. On Aussie Fauxhawks:
    Thankfully, it’s mostly restricted to teenagers either too young to have developed a genuine sense of style or too full of their own teen-angst to care what anyone thinks. Either way, they’ll grow out of it (as is their right as teenagers) either through the development of some semblance of style or, thanks to male-pattern baldness πŸ™‚
    As for those older Aussie blokes sporting the Beckhamistic-do, well, we’re suitably ashamed and reguarly attempt to convince them to swim with the crocs or move to the US!
    [Heh heh. I’ll tell you, when my wife and I visited three years ago, we were struck by the dual national passions for that hairdo & those car-truck “ute” combo vehicles. We vowed to return and open a pub called the “Cruck and Fauxhawk.” πŸ˜‰ –J.]

  2. Hey John – old archive, but looks like you’re about to start importing “Crucks” to the US!
    [I know! I just discovered that bit of news yesterday. I was kind of intrigued to hear that a “G8 Sport Truck” was on the way, only to realize it was not a truck but a *cruck*. –J.]
    (Thanks for the export dollars ;p )
    And circa 1968 – after a flash flood, once pulled out and some metho poured over the engine to help get rid of the water, started first time (my parents, travelling around Australia on their honeymoon):
    So the Ute lives on πŸ™‚
    [Hard core! –J.]

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