You Suck at Photoshop 5, Russell Brown, and more

  • Depresso-guru Donny is back with Episode 5 of You Suck At Photoshop, offering some sarcastic advice: "You know, if you want to use your Magic Wand, that is awesome.  You can go grab a juice box and a Fruit Roll-Up and we’ll see you in about six hours…"  It naturally all ends in (very funny) tears.
  • Original Demo Gangsta Russell Brown really doesn’t suck at Photoshop and has dropped a whole crop of new videos.  PhotoshopNews has the details, and the vids themselves start about halfway down this page (look for the "New" flag).
  • And hey, big news from the crew at Photoshop User TV: the show is moving to real, big screen TV via Fox Business News Channel.  Scott Kelby has the details.  Quite a milestone, guys–congrats!

0 thoughts on “You Suck at Photoshop 5, Russell Brown, and more

  1. That viral vid series “You Suck…” rocks! Hopefully we’ll get a “Donnie” for each program, or for each Suite? (:

  2. I am fed up with taking hours just to find myu pix. Adobe refuses to dsiplay current documents. It shows me dumb patterns and old pix. When I finally go to print, it insists upon printing center page when I want several copies of the picture. Really disappointed. The program used to be much easier.
    [I don’t even know what program you’re referring to. (There is no program called “Adobe,” by the way.) –J.]

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