Enable commenting in Adobe Reader, more

The Adobe Design Center crew is back on stage for a new year, posting all sorts of good content.

New Galleries

New Think Tank

New Tutorials

As always, Adobe training mavens Luanne Seymour and Jen deHaan are kicking out the jams, so check out their sites for fresh material. And as always, check out some of the 1000+ Adobe links on del.icio.us. Info on how to contribute links is here. [Via Luanne]

0 thoughts on “Enable commenting in Adobe Reader, more

  1. Looking for the most flexible way to build a web site using LR. Have PS CS3, LR2, and seen lightroomgalleries.com
    We want to have 4-5 tabs with one called “clients” where we can have a few (3-4) sub-galleries with client’s images for preview.
    Thanks for your help

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