Naked saunas, 3D Flash globes, and other infographic goodness

  • My wife and I are nervously quizzing each other on these expert (and very funny) baby care instructions (boosted wholesale, it would seem, from David Sopp’s Safe Baby Handling Tips). [Via]
  • Wable is “a coffee table that displays a user’s web activity via physical bar graphing.”  Yes, I remember pining for such a thing not ever. (Are Venn-diagram kiddie pools next?)
  • Maps:
  • Signage:
  • Blogging software has made self-publishing seem simple, but beneath the covers, a whole lot’s going on.  Wired has a Flash-based diagram showing what all happens when one hits “Publish.” [Via]

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  1. I found a fun site on world signage nearly a decade ago, and I’m surprised to find that its still available:
    Some buried gems include a discussion on the number of boulders on Falling Rocks signs (, an analysis of the workforce in Belgium ( and the cultural insights behind inconized hairstyles ( Its one of those sites that I just can’t help clicking on through the maze of interconnected links…
    [Cool; I’ll check ’em out. Thanks. –J.]

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