Photoshop Elements 6 for Mac now shipping

I’m pleased to report that Photoshop Elements 6.0 for Mac is now shipping.  The new release runs natively on both Intel- and PowerPC-based Macs & offers a wealth of new features.  As Macworld sums up the highlights,

New features in Photoshop 6 include “Photomerge,” which lets users create group shots by combining the best facial expressions and body language from an entire group of shots. The software has three edit modes — Guided, Quick and Full. Guided Edit mode is new, offering step-by-step help for users. New tabs provide access to many of Photoshop Elements’ features. Color to black-and-white conversion has been improved.

A new copy runs $89.99 (upgrade $69.99), available via the store.

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  1. Useful to know as the wife now wants a macbook to go with her desktop mac.
    John, Adobe used to run a multiple install policy – is this still the case as the wife has CS3 Suite on her desktop and I am loathe to buy it again for her macbook pro, especially as she just uses Illustrator and Photoshop.
    [The license agreement permits you to install the software on two machines–e.g. a desktop and a laptop. The idea is that you wouldn’t be using multiple copies at once. –J.]

  2. When will Photoshop Elements Album get a simple non-destructive image adjustments feature? (ACR lite?) I don’t like having to save a copy of an image just to adjust the exposure or white balance.

  3. I pre-ordered Adobe Elements at
    the beginning of March. Since
    the program is shipping, when
    should I be able to download it?
    I decided to pre-order thinking
    it would speed things up.
    [I don’t see the download on the site right now, so I’m asking about its status. Provided that the download is available, I’d expect that you could download and install it, then just inject your serial number when the boxed copy arrives. As long as it shows up within 30 days, you’d be all set. –J.]

  4. John,
    Just got PSE and installed it. I love it. This is my first foray into any Photoshop product, and I’m very happy so far. Its snappy, does most of what I want it to do, and I’m sure before long I’ll be upgrading to full photoshop for those little things I can’t do. Only problem so far is Save for Web. It doesn’t do anything. Is it supposed to? How/where do I file bug reports?
    [Glad to hear that you’re liking Elements. I’m not sure whether PSE has a public bug form, so I’ve forwarded your message to their product manager. –J.]

  5. I ordered this upgrade from the store, and I must say that, for me, it has been one of the poorest buying experiences on the web, ever.
    I received one e-mail when I ordered the product; there was no second e-mail letting me know it shipped. There is no way on to simply pull up an online order to check its status by typing in your order number – who doesn’t have this feature in this day and age?
    Also, Abobe’s toll free telephone number does not appear on any of the splash pages for customer support – they force you into a customer service online chat feature – not the end of the world, but customers should have a choice.
    Finally, FedEx botched the delivery and returned the product to Adobe, but Adobe never contacted me about the problem. When I called to check the order showed as “delivered” even though it had been “delivered” back to Adobe’s shipping warehouse. Sheesh!
    Very poor form for a company which creates products for the Web economy.

  6. I am using PE6 for Mac and enjoying it. My problem is, there is no button to create a layer mask. I found a free download of a file to create one, but the directions say to put it in the PE6 folder called “Preview”, but there is none! Help would be greatly appreciated. Barb

  7. I’m having trouble importing photos into Elements 6 from iPhoto. It freezes the program every time.
    Also, when importing from Bridge, it opens the photo in PhotoshopCS3 rather than Elements. Help please

  8. I am not a fan of this so far. I have had it for about five hours and already am having problems opening GIF files and saving for the web. The entire reason I bought this was to be able to use it to work on web pages, which it seems to be completely useless for right now. If someone could please contact me if you know anything, I’d greatly appreciate it.

  9. I have not been able to find out why my new PE6 takes about a minute to launch.
    Also unable to find out why SAVE FOR WEB is not ever highlighted, never works.

  10. I’m using PE6.0 for Macintosh.
    Overall I’m very pleased with the product. However, the specific functionality that I bought the product for- to create/edit Animated GIF images, does not work!
    A. File > Save for Web does nothing. No dialog screen, nothing! However, the currently active window does dim, as if an invisible window is now in front. Maybe its off-screen …
    B. I cannot properly open animated GIF files. Only the first frame is available for editing. The other frames are no where to be found.
    When can we expect a minor update?

  11. “The idea is that you wouldn’t be using multiple copies at once” … excuse me but what kind of bollocks is this. Then one is supposed to uninstall/deactivate then install/activate when moving ones ass from desktop over to the laptop and vice versa?
    [No–you can have the software activated on up to two machines at once. I don’t know where you heard otherwise. –J.]
    Most people do have two or more computers these days, still one single user. Even Microsoft understand this so their software install on more than one computer “at one time”. Software companies shoot their own foot when ask us to pay twice for same product. IMHO. Thanks.
    [Please try reading more closely without going off about “bollocks.” Thanks. –J.]

  12. I have PSE 6 for Mac and I am having the same problem with “saving for web” as razmaspaz. I’m not as interested in “saving for web” as I am in simply being able to save images in the png format, but I thought “saving for web” might enable this option. I’m going to go ahead and reinstall and see if it does any good, but I would still appreciate any feedback I could get. Any ideas on what I can do to solve my problem?

  13. I cannot get PSE 6 to install after multiple attempts. I already have version 4 installed. Is this a problem? Can I take it back to the Apple Store?
    [I’ve forwarded your note to the Elements team, and the PM recommends that you contact tech support. –J.]

  14. Still having problems with PE6 for Mac not being able to properly open animated .gifs – even ones I have made using PE6 for Mac.
    I was one of the pre-order folks and it has been this way since receipt. I and others have asked for assistance with this from Adobe and have gotten nowhere.
    Do you have any insight on how to access more than just the first frame?

  15. HELP!!! I’m new to Mac, & just got my 1st Adobe Elements (6). Nightmare! Told I had to uninstall photo library (no longer free). Impossible. Page just kept going 2 Install. Now where Tutorials sld be, I have list of pix. In all folders (like File Formats) anything I click on says “Can’t complete request as Adobe doesn’t recognise this type of file” I’ve found some info I hope will help – but seems v lengthy process. Is there simple way to 2 uninstall all Adobe stuff (incl old CS3 trial)so I can reinstall disk & start again? Any advice much appreciated. Thanx

  16. Hi!
    I just installed demo of Elements 6. Edit takes up the whole desktop and unchecking “Fill workspace background” does not change it. I would like to see other open windows … help?

  17. I bought Photoshop elements at Fnac Toulouse, France. I have swept the CD as it was dirty and now I can’t read some numbers anymore. Here are what I can read:
    1057-0067-..17- 0356- 4869-6917
    Can you help me to complete the numbers. Thank you

  18. I bought macbook pro 15.4″ with bamboo bundled w/ photoshop elements 6, but it won’t install and the customer service has me running around chasing my tail. Is there something else I can do to make it install. NEW computer and NEW software. What’s the deal? Thanks

  19. PE6 after using free trial have bought new copy and installed on Mac Pro. It won’t open files from Aperture or IPhoto to let me edit. I have to drag them to desktop and open them from there.
    Any help appreciated
    many thx

  20. Just purchased PE6 for my PowerMac and put the disc in and no install function.Box with several lanquage
    options opens but that is all. Whats

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