Photoshop Express RIA arrives!

I’m happy to report that Photoshop Express, Adobe’s new online tool for organizing, editing, and sharing images, has launched in beta form. Some highlights at a glance:

  • Includes tools for applying spot healing, distortions, sharpening/softening, color tweaks, image filters, and more
  • Offers 2GB of space for storing images
  • Supports tie-ins to Facebook, MySpace, and Picasa
  • Runs in any browser on Mac, Windows, or Linux using the Flash Player (v9) [Update: Sounds like there are some beta-ish glitches in some browsers]
  • Will include an AIR-based desktop version (useful for editing images offline) and printing services
  • Will remain free, with paid service adding more functionality

Adobe’s Terry White gives a great intro with screenshots, and you can jump right into using Express by hitting the “Test Drive” button on the right side of the landing page.  More info is in the press release, this CNET overview, and more stories that are popping up by the minute. [Update: Kelby Training has created an online learning center for Express.]

[Update 2: Here’s what Adobe SVP John Loiacono has to say about Photoshop Express, software as a service at Adobe, and more.]


0 thoughts on “Photoshop Express RIA arrives!

  1. Rats!, United States only right now! No fair, what about your Canadian pals. It looks really great though. Can’t wait to try it.

  2. Groovey (ish)
    I know it’s a beta but hopefully it’ll soon recognize my captions and other IPTC (or XMP) metadata. It does exif, but keywords would be nice.
    Are you all excited because you want the real PS to be web-based in 5-7 years and this is a start? Terry’s second paragraph is what you should have written in all those past post you wrote on “Flash in Photoshop”.
    And… does this replace Adobe “Share”, or is it an inter-departmental rival?

  3. This is pretty badly broken in Opera. The top level links are https, but none of the api calls are, so every time the app makes an api call, the browser pops up a warning window.

  4. Wow, nice looking platform and works great & is easy to figure out how to use it. Kelbys videos are very helpful in the figuring out process. Edits are easy to do too.

  5. @jimhere – I have a comprehensive enhancement request in for improving visibility of EXIF metadata (currently Lightroom makes many more data items available), and improving visibility and editing of IPTC metadata.
    Since you mention caption, currently an IPTC caption field will be automatically be converted to the PSX image caption field, but IPTC headline by contrast is not converted to the image title (as is the case on Flickr by comparison)

  6. No offense John, but the features of this product don’t really match with its name. If you’re trying to get your average internet user who uses a pirated version of Pshop to create internet memes or crop out their ex-boyfriend from vacation photos, this doesn’t really hit that need. There are no real editing functions here, just a set of filters. I’m not sure what audience this is going to appeal to. This seems more akin to the kind of bundleware you get with scanners and digital cameras, rather than something befitting the Photoshop name. Just my two dimes.

  7. Wow. Yeah, that license is insane. Adobe may not “claim ownership” of your work, but they claim pretty much every right associated with ownership short of being able to stop you from doing anything with it.
    I understand the legal intent, but other companies have managed to host other peoples’ copyrighted material without needing agreements this draconian.

  8. Same problem here. Using Safari 3.1.1 on Mac. After I press on Sign In or Login buttons the browser shows “Initializing” progress bar that is not moving and nothing happens!

  9. Awesome, I hope its not slower than mud for me tryig to use from the Philippines. My connection is not so great. I can’t wait to give it a try.

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