Turning 1,000

This little milestone may be of interest only to me, but I’m kind of amazed to be writing my 1,000th post on this blog.  In the 969 days since I’ve started this journey, quite a lot has gone down.  Needless to say, if you weren’t reading this, I wouldn’t bother writing it, so thanks for all the encouragement.  I’ve felt like looking back over the effort to date & thought it would be fun to dig up some of the meatier posts.

Since August 2005 I’ve gotten to announce an unprecedented public beta of Photoshop; introduce Lightroom (twice); welcome a competitor and lots of new friends; mourn the loss of others; fan and then help defuse controversy; celebrate new integration; share some tips (e.g. Photoshop Text; Killer B&W); momentarily crack the TechMeme Leaderboard; and more.  Oh, and somehow in there I became the #1 search term for "cs3 serials," giving me a chance to throw Yiddish & Spanish at pirates ;-).

I’m proudest of getting to share some perspective on the challenges of developing Photoshop, hopefully giving some insight into the problems we wrestle every day (which are, of course, what make the job fun).  I’ve gotten to wax on many times about the sheer size of Photoshop & what it means we must do:

Somewhat related, I’ve tried to illuminate reasons why [cue the Stones’ choir] You Can’t Always Get What You (Think You) Want:

With the help of some friends, I’ve gotten to to share some techier bits:

Readers have provided timely, concrete feedback on some specific ideas (e.g. User-powered help and kuler inside Photoshop), providing data we can use to push to get things built.  You’ve offered a wealth of opinions on how to move applications forward:

And then periodically I get to muse a little aloud:

That’s probably more than enough nostalgia for one evening, so I’ll wrap it up. Thanks again for having me.  Feedback on where you’d like to see all this go is always welcome.

Oh, and one more thing: despite it having netted me a great portrait, I think I’ll never blog about icons again! ;-P

0 thoughts on “Turning 1,000

  1. Gosh a 1000… Amazing. And I’ve read so many of them. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise + help. As I recall you were Adobes pioneer blogger.

  2. Congratulations John. As someone who spends a bit of time writing, I understand the commitment and creativity that you have brought to your blog.
    I have a morning ritual. The first thing I do is to brew a pot of coffee. The second thing I do — and which I look forward to each day — is to carry the coffee to my computer and take a look at what you’ve posted.
    I am consistently impressed with the variety of stuff you and your sources bring to the blog. Design and PS work is only my “night job.” Finding a single source of information about these topics that is as good as yours has been like discovering a chest of treasure washed up on the beach.
    Best wishes and keep up the good work.

  3. Congratulations John!
    The first 1000 have been great – helpful, informative, and interesting – here’s looking forward to the next 1000!

  4. Thanks John for your info and insights and especially all the cool links. One of the very few blogs I follow religiously (granted its mostly about my favorite app!). Congrats.

  5. Congratulation – great. The nice thing is that this signicify that your have good things to tell the world and I believe that the next 1000 blog posts will come in an even faster rate…. We are many that enjoy reading your thoughts and recommendations. Thank´s again.

  6. As a present for doing such a sterling job, you should get yourself a copy of this book.
    [Heh–my wife is way ahead of me & already has it! Thanks for the recommendation. –J.]
    I like this book for the same reasons I like this blog, lot of interesting things from all sorts of locations. And also presented beautifully. A fascinating compendium of trivia/information. If it was online you’d be linking to it constantly.

  7. Hello. I’ve never read your blog because I didn’t know that you exist. I’m a photography student and I have been encouraged to watch the Photoshop tutorials by my oh-so-awesome teacher. I just decided to comment here because you have a very friendly voice, unlike Katrin Eismann, who sounds like she is trying very hard not to drool around a mouthful of marbles. I’m sure she’s a very nice person.

  8. Congratulations, John. The man who recently coined the phrase “profane fugue” – no wonder this is a creative and content-rich blog 🙂
    Seriously, in a medium that often attracts a lack of attention to style, form and grammar your blog is an outstanding example of good communication and reaches a level to which others should strive.
    Here’s to the next grand!

  9. Hello John!
    Sincere congratulations for your 1000th post. Keep them coming.
    [Thanks, Charis (creator of that crazy, excellent portrait-by-icons), and to everyone for the nice feedback. –J.]

  10. Great job John…I make a habit a visiting this blog daily. Thanks for the intriguing content. Cheers. Jeff

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