All Ansel, all the time

A number of interesting Ansel Adams-related bits have popped up recently:


  • The NYT features an interactive gallery in which Adams’s former assistant Andrea Stillman discusses the back story on nine of his images.  The story of the naming of "Mt. Ansel Adams" is particularly cool.
  • In what he calls "The most amazing 24 hours of my photo career," photographer Marc Silber trekked around Yosemite with Robert Scoble & Adams’s son Michael.  Afterward they visited the photographer’s darkroom.
  • Frederick Johnson from the Lightroom team joined these guys on the visit.  "Michael is amazing," he writes.  "Turns out we were both in the Air Force! Though he was a General, and I was an enlisted man. It was hard to fight the impulse to call him ‘sir…’"  Frederick posted some photos and short video clips in his Flickr stream.  And oh yeah: if you’ve ever wondered why Photoshop has a lollypop-shaped Dodge Tool (you know, this thing), here’s why.

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  1. John, it has been really amazing these past weeks videoing Michael Adams first in Yosemite and then at Ansel’s home. But one of the magical points was shooting in his darkroom–the pinnacle of classic photography, then turning to Frederick Johnson and asking him to discuss the meeting of this world with digital. Then going back to Michael…the two worlds converging in that moment.
    I’m fortunate indeed to be hearing story after story from Michael Adams about his dad and to see the places he loved and worked in.
    Can’t wait until you see the video.

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