Interesting news & video visualizations

  • Spectra is an interactive 3D news presentation from MSNBC.  Although I’m not convinced that putting news onto flying postcards will boost anyone’s concentration or retention, I dig the aesthetics and the attention to detail.  I couldn’t get the Web cam access to work with Flash Player 10 on my system, and the inability to click on stories of interest is annoying, but maybe you’ll have better luck.  Here’s the direct link.
  • Steven Wood’s Tag Galaxy uses the Papervision3D library for Flash to explore Flickr photos via virtual planetary systems.
  • I’ve mentioned the very cool, very fast, and free PicLens browser plug-in a number of times.  In addition to working with Flickr, Google Images, etc., it’s been upgraded to search YouTube.  Check out the video demo.
  • TimeTube visualizes YouTube content via a timeline, list view, flipbook and map view. [Via]

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  1. John – Thanks so much for the information on PicLens. I am absolutely blown away by this browser plugin! It’s such an awesome way to view pictures and videos on the web and highly addictive. Thanks again and keep up the great work at Adobe and on your awesome blog.
    [Glad to hear it, Roger, and thanks for the kind words. –J.]

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