Flash-based multitouch coolness

Christian Moore & the folks at the NUI Group have created Lux, an open-source framework for creating multitouch-savvy applications.  Check out the video demo & a short interview with Christian on how they’ve used Flash to prototype a very cool implementation.  I’d love to see it updated to take advantage of the GPU hardware acceleration in the upcoming Flash Player 10 (just posted in preview form on Adobe Labs).  Oh, and how about this running in a Smart Object on the Photoshop canvas?  (Hey, I’m just thinking aloud, not dropping any near-term.) [Via Jerry Harris]


Interesting related bits:

  • Gizmodo features a short recent interview with Jeff Han, the guy whose multitouch work really lit a fire under the whole area two years ago.
  • Macworld’s Dan Frakes provides a video tour of MultiClutch, a free utility for extending the multitouch features in the latest MacBook Pro & MacBook Air notebooks.  (I was bummed to discover that my wife’s brand new MacBook doesn’t offer the same support.  She’s just happy to have two-finger scrolling, something missing from her deceased PowerBook.)
  • I need to pull together a category for multitouch; in the meantime, past interesting bits are here.

0 thoughts on “Flash-based multitouch coolness

  1. Hey John,
    Thanks for your kind words, I look forward to furthering my research and development in AS3 🙂
    Been really excited about implementing the software in Flash 10 and hope it will give me a bit more freedom performance wise.
    Also now that Flash 10 supports UDP… that help much… considering currently I have to convert data from OSC(UDP) data into XML(TCP)

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