0 thoughts on “Viva frilly bits

  1. John Nack blogging about Cameron Moll?! Two of my favorite bloggers… on the same page?!
    Pardon me while I prepare for the Blogosphere to collapse on itself.
    Nah,Cameron is awesome. You’re not so bad either I guess John… 🙂 I kid I kid. I just got done reading his 2 Amazon entries, both spectacular. It makes me wonder why Adobe isn’t making desperate attempts to pick the brains of people like him, Jeremy Keith, Eric Meyer, Dan Cederholm, and Jeffrey Zeldman, among many others, for their input on Dreamweaver.
    These are the people who have taken a garbage dump of websites and turned them into usable, accessible and beautiful media creations. I’m sure they have a ton on their plates, but hey, it never hurts to ask.
    (P.S. I know that Ted Patrick mentioned something about DW CS4 and how rad it is already, but I thought you can never have too much good advice.)

  2. frighteningly timely. spooky. We’re working on an overhaul of our site’s design, and “frilly bits” are to be used quite a bit (tastefully, too, I hope).
    Another resource is much appreciated, though I wonder if this means I’m now fashionable in my olde style tastes.

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