Interested in testing the next Adobe Bridge?

The Bridge folks are looking for more input & testing coverage on the next version of the software, so they’ve asked me to pass along the following note:


Bridge Customers,

We are looking for a few interested Adobe Bridge users to join our Prerelease Program. We need customers who use Bridge in their workflow regularly and want to provide constructive feedback to the Bridge team on monthly prerelease builds of Bridge. If you are interested, please complete the prerelease request form.  Be sure to select ‘Adobe Bridge’ from the product list.

Note: A non-disclosure agreement will be required and space is limited, so unfortunately we won’t be able to accept all who apply.

Thanks for your interest in Adobe Bridge!

0 thoughts on “Interested in testing the next Adobe Bridge?

  1. A post of mine left in the thread where Julie Manly made the public announcement received no response. So here’s my question again: by “next Adobe Bridge” is the version that will ship with CS4 meant?
    If so, do we lose all hope for a fix to Bridge
    (Relax, Vishal and Mr. Nack, I don’t intend to apply for the prerelease program. 🙂 )

  2. Hope you get it right this time. My CS3 Bridge is dead in the water (I’ve talked to 2 Adobe technicians, so please don’t refer anymore)
    Suggest you look at your own Lightroom, Nikon NiewNX, and Faststone Image viewer 3.5 for ideas. These programs work great and don’t crash or die on you. Or make a Bridge version just for photographers and try not to be all things to all people/programs. That’s your mistake: too complex with Mr. Murphy (of Murphy’s law) waiting for you. Lightroom is a great “Bridge”…so, why not clone it?

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