Fire on the Mountain

As you may have heard, for the last few days large fires have been burning in the Santa Cruz mountains overlooking Adobe HQ.  Quite a few of our colleagues live in or over the hills, but fortunately no one on the Photoshop team has (as far as I know) had to evacuate.  Bryan Hughes didn’t sleep well on Thursday night, I know, with the fire half a mile from his house (shoes on, cats in hand).


I mention it because on my way to an air show yesterday, I snaked through the mountains via some back roads and was surprised to see a very large and imposing Chinook helicopter barreling towards our car, on its way to reload water from the pond right behind me.  I pulled over and popped off a few frames that may be of interest to other aviation nerds.  Included in the set is the swift, violent, helicopter-borne death of a white Jeep Cherokee.  (Yeah, it blowed up real goood!)  Plumes of smoke from the mountains are visible in a few of the shots.


As for other fire-related photography, I honestly can’t compete with things like this.

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  1. I missed something… why was the Jeep dropped?
    [“Because it was there.” 🙂 The gag was that it was parked in a fire lane, and the PA had paged the crowd beforehand asking that the owner of the Jeep move his or her vehicle. –J.]
    And boy, that’s a skinny helicopter!
    [Indeed; check it out. –J.]

  2. I’m surprised that so little a helicopter can lift so heavy a Jeep. Pure entertainment. At this point in my work day I needed to see something expensive destroyed. Thank you.

  3. wow.. it’s pretty hard to tell the size of the k-max in those pictures. It’s a lot bigger than it looks 😛

  4. Very nice pix, John! But I wanted to let you know that, in your slideshow, every time the “loading” widget did its thing, it was surrounded by a tiny flock of white pixel-y artifacts. Maybe it’s ’cause I’m using the public beta of the Flash 10 Player.
    Anyway, other geek data: Dual 2-GHz G5, Mac OS X 10.4.11, Safari 3.1.

  5. Your blog is my first stop for PS and graphics clicks. Now I find out you are an aviation nerd. It doesn’t get any better.
    I’m a pilot in a flying club with a bunch of folks. We own three airplanes. A few years back, one of our members put in an enormous number of hours keeping the planes maintained. To show our appreciation, the rest of us decided to give him a framed picture of our three airplanes. We really wanted to have them flying in formation.
    Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough experienced formation flyers to (safely) fly a real formation. I volunteered to get the three aircraft close to each other using PS.
    I was only six months into my transition from Elements to the “Real thing.” I was flattered, therefore, when one of our guys who did not know the image was out of PS, took a look at the result and criticized us for having the aircraft too close during the flight.

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